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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The term "Boerboel" derives from "boer", the Afrikaans/Dutch word for "farmer". Boerboel, for that reason, translates as either "farmer's dog" or "Boer's dog". The Boerboel could be the only South African dog breed created to defend the homestead.

Despite the Boerboel's very long breeding history, there is fantastic uncertainty as to what number of and which breeds were employed to create it. It is often believed that the breed was developed from interbreeding native African dogs species with breeds brought into South Africa by Dutch, French, and English settlers.

The most likely origins are claimed currently back to Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival for the Cape in 1652. Van Riebeeck brought a "Bullenbijter" with him. And later European settlers, likewise had large, strong pet dogs, that almost certainly bred while using indigenous, domestic dog kinds of South Africa.

Later, throughout 1928, the diamond mining corporation De Beers imported Bullmastiffs to South Africa to guard the mines. This breed was likewise crossbred with Boerboels in the community.

Boerboel is a large, strong and intelligent operating dog. It is well-balanced with good muscle advancement and buoyant in mobility. The dog should always be impressive and imposing. Male dogs appear noticeably sexy and females feminine. All parts of the body should be in proportion jointly. The head is the key feature of the Boerboel, as it represents its total figure. It is short, broad, deep, square and muscular with well filled cheeks. The part involving the eyes must be properly filled. The top with the head is broad and flat, with prominent muscle mass development. The face should blend symmetrically while using head, and can be with or with not a black mask. The stop ought to be visible, but not prominent. The muzzle is dark-colored with large nostrils that happen to be widely spaced. The nasal bone can be straight and parallel for the topline of the head that's deep, broad and tapers slightly for the front. The nasal bone ought to be 8-10 cm long. The actual loose, fleshy upper lip should cover the low lip, but should not hang under the lower jaw. The actual jaws (mandibles) are powerful, deep and broad, and narrow slightly for the front. The teeth ought to be white, well developed, correctly spaced, with a complete pair of 42 teeth and a new scissors bite.

The broad, horizontally set eyes are usually any shade of dark brown, but darker then the pelt, with firm, well-pigmented eyelids. The ears ought to be of medium size, V-shaped and will be in proportion for the head. They are set pretty high and wide against the head. When the puppy is alert, the ears should variety a straight line with the top of the head. The neck shows a new noticeable muscle curve, and is particularly attached high at the shoulder. The strong, muscular neck is regarding medium length and in proportion to all of those other dog. The skin with the neck is loose underneath the throat and becomes taut involving the front legs. The physique narrows slightly toward the loin. The topline ought to be straight. The back can be straight, broad and in proportion, with prominent back muscles along with a short loin. The rump can be broad and strong, having good muscle development. The actual chest is muscular, broad and strong. The direct, short tail is attached high for the body. The front legs ought to be perfectly vertical. The hind paws are slightly smaller than the front paws. The large, well-padded paws are rounded with dark curved toenails. The paws should point self-explanatory. Dewclaws should be taken out. The skin is thick, loose, well pigmented with moderate wrinkles within the forehead when the puppy is alert. The brief, dense, sleek coat also comes in cream white, pale tawny, red wine brown, brown and many shades of brindle.

Boerboel can be reliable, obedient and clever, with strong watch and guard-dog instincts. It can be self-assured and fearless. The Boerboel is very playful and affectionate when it comes to its owner. Its favorite pastime would be to play a game regarding fetch loving every minute it spends with its master. Its jaws are strong and they will most often pop the ball it it messing around with. Not to fret, it'll just play with the popped ball! They are incredibly gentle and good having children they know; letting them ride on their backs like a horse, loving every minute with the attention they are acquiring. Boerboels will do alright with other dogs, cats along with non-canine pets, letting birds decrease and snatch from his or her food bowl! They will guard their family, friends and property because of their life. When their owners are not home they do not allow anyone to enter the house, unless they know them adequately.

When welcomed visitors arrive they may accept them after becoming properly introduced. This breed has a dominant owner. The authority the owner projects within the dog should be so strong that this dog will not bolt out there the front door when it's opened. The objective in training this dog is always to achieve a pack head status. It is a normal instinct for a dog a great order in its group. When we humans live with dogs, we turn out to be their pack. The entire pack cooperates under 1 leader; lines are clearly defined and rules are usually set. Because a dog conveys his displeasure with growling and at last biting, all other humans Must be higher up in the order than the dog. The humans must be the ones making the decisions, not the pet dogs. That is the only way your relationship with your dog can be a complete success. If one does not can see this concept 100% and have confidence that they can handle such a substantial guard type breed then this isn't the dog for these people. With the right owners the Boerboel might make a wonderful pet.

Boerboels are often known for their a sound body. However, Boerboels can endure hip or elbow dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia, ectropion, and entropion. Recently, juvenile epilepsy (with attacks due to metabolic changes or stress) has appeared inside boerboel breed. The average life span is ten years.

Prospective owners must know that owning a boerboel has a significant commitment in time and effort as they need for being trained and properly socialized for being happy, well-adjusted family people.

These dogs thrive under positive reinforcement education techniques and require human companionship and structure. In case left isolated, Boerboels will digress and may even become destructive. Owners should be cautious trying to forcefully control pet as it is detrimental on their psychological health and might cause potential behavioral backlash in the future. These dogs benefit by an owner who opinions them as their equal and not as an organism in need of punishment or domination. Greatly assist sensitive throats it is recommended try using a front clip harness even though leash training these animals rather than harsher methods, such since prong collars and choke organizations.

If you are taking into consideration adding a boerboel in your family or already own a boerboel and are also thinking of moving (to a smaller home), remember this – bored boerboels are destructive boerboels along with a 150 lbs, fighting dog can do many damage. Although more ideal for large yards, Boerboels are adaptable which enable it to live in small environments provided that they receive regular exercise and plenty of attention. Whatever the number of space available, they need to have plenty of physical and mental exercise. The Boerboel might be exercised in a substantial, securely enclosed yard, but at the very least this type of dog should be taken on a long walk daily. According to the vast majority of Boerboel breeders, this specific dog should only always be off leash when in its property.

For the normal boerboel owner thinking regarding competitively showing his dogs or needing to breed dogs that adapt to the breed's standard, you will need to remember that most professional breeders only sell his or her pet-quality puppies and either keep their show/breeding-quality young dogs for themselves or sell them with a higher price (usually to other breeders). Determined, proprietors should consult the dog's authentic breeder, if possible. Various other resources are local boerboel breed-specific, molosser-specific, or mastiff-specific breeders, clubs, and rescue groups. Many breed-specific rescue teams leave their contact information with local pet shelters and veterinarian offices. Additionally, keep in mind that this average house pet will never contain enough muscle mass (and perhaps an excessive amount body fat) for puppy show breed standard without physical exercise.

Height: Males 25 - 31 inches (64 - 70 cm) Females 23 : 25. 5 inches (59 : 65 cm)
Weight: 154 : 200 pounds (70 : 90 kg).

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